Privacy Policy



We, the app of I-fal, treat the privacy of our users with respect and work to protect the information shown on the app and provided to our users. The privacy policy below will explain how we use the information you provide us or that is being collected by us while you use the app, and protecting your privacy while you use the app's services.

Please note that you have no obligation by law to provide us the information we ask for, however not providing it will prevent you from registering to the app and using its services. Your registration and use of the app's services represents your consent to the use of the collected information according to our privacy policy. This policy is an important part of the app's terms of use and of the services listed here.

The binding documents refer to both women and men. In addition, singular tense refers to plural tense as well. We might change this policy or the conditions and restrictions indicated to the services. You are requested to read and stay updated on the policy document on a regular basis.



When using the app, we will collect information about you and your use of the app's services, mostly information or advertisements you saw, the kind of device you have, its services and more. Part of the information recognizes you personally, by your name and address, and in certain circumstances, the payment method that you use. The information is mostly based on what you provide knowingly, however part of it is collected automatically by our electronic system in order to provide you better use of the services. Please note that part of the information you provided or that was collected about you is being saved only as statistic and cumulative information. The information does not recognize you personally and is not being saved with your personal details, it is meant for our research, control and analysis only.


MANNER OF USE                                                                                                                         

The details and the personal information collected by the app's team during the use of the app's services will be used according to this policy or according to provisions of any law, for the purposes below:

Maintenance and improvement of service.

Protection of the app's users.

Custom content offering.

Passing information to a third party, mostly statistic information that will not recognize you personally.

Charging for services that require a payment, providing refunds or to any other purpose that relates to the subscription you purchased.

Sending you information periodically about service, surveys, brochures, advertised information and information regarding products and services of the operator and of third parties, for example advertisements. This is according to your consent of the service's terms of use. You can cancel your consent at any time and stop the advertising. It is clear that the given consent is according to Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting) 1982 section 30A, as specified in the Terms of Use of the Service;

For contacting you as much as the app's team needs to;

For enforcing the terms of use and service, and generally for performing according to        the law requirements;

When the app’s team believes in good faith that they need to;

For any other purpose, that is written in this policy or/ and in the terms of conditions               of the service.

With your registration to the app and your use of the services comes your approval that you are aware that we are allowed and might keep, backup, read and discover any content and information you will share on the app in any way, including advertisements, personal details and messages, if we need to by law or if we are convinced it is needed for protection of rights, security or our property and the users' of the app or/ and of the public.



According to the law of protection of privacy, you are authorized in writing or by a legally appointed guardian, to have the right to look through the information that is collected on you and is being held in the database. If you find that the information about you is not correct, complete, updated or clear enough, you can turn to the database owner in a request to edit or remove the information. If the database owner refuses, he is required to notify you according to the regulations of the privacy protection law. You have the right, as described in regulations, to appeal on the refusal of the owner of the database to allow you to go through the information or on the decision to refuse editing or removing it. Deleting information may prevent you from continuing to use the services and to cancel your registration.                                                                        Required information for the app's team, including documenting activities you performed on the app – will continue to be saved by the app's team by law, however won't be used further to get in touch with you. If within 30 days you won't receive a message saying the information you requested to delete was indeed deleted, you will be able to turn to the court as stated in the regulations of the privacy protection law, in order to order the service operator to act as stated.



The app's team will not share collected personal information regarding your activities to other organizations and/ or other people and/ or any other third party except of the cases listed below: (1) sensitive personal information and/ or any other information you gave your permission to share with third parties as part of your use of the app; (2) As long as the sharing of information with third parties is required in order to provide proper service, including conducting payments and clearance necessary for the services included in the use of the application; (3) Details that have been shared with third parties are required by law or for the purpose of enforcing the terms of use or for the purpose of identifying, preventing or otherwise addressing fraudulent issues, security matters, technical issues, or protecting any violation of rights, property or data security of the app, our users or the public, as long as the law requires or allows it; (4) In possible future changes in accordance with legal and commercial stance including merges,  we will need to transfer to the investors or the potential buyers of the app, subject to the fact that the buyer as aforementioned will accept the provisions of the privacy policy towards you or will decide to update and thereby notify; (5) While transferring data for performing statistical procedures, which do not allow personal recognition.  



The app's team sees the data security of the users as of upmost value and therefore put a lot of effort into preventing any misuse of information provided to them by the users through the use of the secure servers. However, note that they do not give complete protection. Therefore, we do not guarantee that our servers will be completely protected from unauthorized access to the information stored in them. Given the information above, users should avoid giving away private passwords or other details regarding the use of the app; as a user of the app, you will not run a scam to gain access to a different account; in every collection of information on users, you will have to get their consent by law, as well as written clarification that the person collecting the information is you and not the app's team or its' owners. 



We keep your personal data only as long as necessary to provide you with the i-fal service and for i-fal's legitimate and essential business purposes, such as:

We keep some of your personal data for as long as you are user of the i-fal. For example, we keep your sessions and account information.

If you request, we will delete or anonymise your personal data so that it no longer identifies you, unless, we are legally allowed or required to maintain certain personal data, including situations such as the following:


Here is the steps to send request for data deletion:

1. Go to Your Facebook Account’s Settings & Privacy. Click Settings.
2. Then, go to Apps and Websites and you will see all of your Apps activities.
3. Select the option box of i-fal.
4. Click Remove button.
5. Click the View Removed Apps and Websites link.
6. In the popup, click the View button to the right of the application.
7. In the window, appeared click Send Request.