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 Welcome to the "I-fal" app (hereafter “The app”).

The app is owned by Dolead (hereafter “The owners”) and each use must be according to the terms of use listed below.

With your use of the app, you express your full consent to these terms of use and thereby confirm you read thoroughly and understood the listed terms. Please note that these terms of use are considered a legally binding contract between you and the owners and you should read them carefully. We may change these terms of use or other conditions and restrictions that apply to the services, including regarding privacy policy. Therefore, you should follow any updates on the terms of use, the privacy policy, or any other updates regarding the app. The terms of use apply to the use of the service through any smart phone and/ or computer and/ or any other communication device.   
The binding documents refer to both women and men. In addition, singular tense refers to plural tense as well.






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